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10 SEO Fails to Avoid During a Website Redesign
It's easy to get lost in the look and feel of design when you're contemplating a website redesign. If you want to ensure that your new site will resonate with your target audience (and to save yourself some major headaches down the road), be sure to check out the ebook and learn more about:

  • Why setting up your 301 redirects properly is so important
  • How to think like a human
  • Preliminary audit must-do's


Salted Stone is incredibly versatile in their capabilities. From Inbound Marketing services to video/animation production to intense development projects, I have seen this agency do it all. You are guaranteed to see results with Salted Stone and you are guaranteed to laugh with them during the process. Just a great group of people.
Ryan Carigg
Principal Account Executive at HubSpot