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The Culture Code Workbook


The Ten Questions You Should Be Asking When Evaluating a Marketing Platform

Shopping for a marketing platform takes time, thought, and effort. And it should — it's an important decision for your organization. Choosing the wrong platform will result in frustration, while choosing the right one will help you optimize your processes.

But looking at CRM comparison charts and reading reviews won’t necessarily lead you to the right answer. To get there, you’ll need to ask the right questions.

We’ve put together this ebook to help you evaluate your options and make a more informed decision.

S2 10 Things to Consider When Evaluating a Marketing Platform eBook

What you'll learn:

    • Why your research should go beyond comparing features and initial costs
    • Ten questions you should consider and discuss with your team
    • What to do if you still can’t decide which platform is right for your business


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