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Building a Modern PR Strategy in the Age of Social Influencers

Influencer Marketing for Modern PR

What's Inside?

This ebook runs through the mechanics behind influencer marketing, the new media model, and how to build a modern public relations strategy

It's meant for anyone charged with distributing content, building a PR program, and spreading the word about a brand.

Topics covered:

  • uncovering & communicating cross value to influencers
  • working with mid-tier influencers to media trade up to top outlets
  • leveraging the new bottom-up media model to your advantage


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Salted Stone is incredibly versatile in their capabilities. From Inbound Marketing services to video/animation production to intense development projects, I have seen this agency do it all. You are guaranteed to see results with Salted Stone and you are guaranteed to laugh with them during the process. Just a great group of people.
Ryan Carrigg
Principal Account Executive at HubSpot