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we’re Salted Stone

Our goal: help businesses build resilient revenue operations


Session Preview

Back in the early 21st century, the world changed.

Organizations that built resilient structures into their operational models maintained competitive advantages in the face of the unexpected, the disruptive, and the devastating.

In our INBOUND 2020 session “Laughing Through the Apocalypse: Survive Win Economic Catastrophe with Resilient RevOps” Salted Stone’s leaders reflect on how winning businesses designed strategy, technology, and collaboration functions with resiliency at their core.

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Our survival squad

Mike Skeehan


Los Angeles, CA, US

Talk to Mike about: Business Development, Global Marketing, Agency Development, Search Engine Optimization, CRM Systems, The Grateful Dead

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Tony Eades

Chief Strategy Officer

Sydney, AU

Talk to Tony about: Conversational Marketing, Branding, Digital Marketing Strategy, Agency Growth, HubSpot Training, Sales Enablement, 80's New Wave

Meet with me >

Brandon Jones

Business Unit Director

Los Angeles, CA, US

Talk to Brandon about: B2B Strategies, UX Research & Consulting, HubSpot App Ecosystem, CMS and CRM Systems, Board Games and Being a Dad

Meet with me >

Sabrina Roussel

Business Unit Director

Dublin, IE

Talk to Sabrina about: Product Marketing, CX Strategy, Email Marketing, Data Management, Video Production, The Matrix

Meet with me >

Michelle Chu

Director of Technology

Los Angeles, CA, US

Talk to Michelle about: Web Development, CMS Hub, Membership Portals, Site Performance, Rescue Pups

Meet with me >

Talar Malakian

Director of Media

Los Angeles, CA, US

Talk to Talar about: Demand Generation, eCommerce, B2C Strategies, Social Media & Earned Media, Interactive Experiences, Coffee

Meet with me >

Andrew Siskind

Director of Content

Los Angeles, CA, US

Talk to Andrew about: Editorial Direction, Information Architecture, UX Strategy, Service Design, Strategic Workshops, Belle's Bagels

Meet with me >

Anna Werner

Director of Solutions

Los Angeles, CA, US

Talk to Anna about: Enterprise Sales Solutions, Advanced Marketing Ops, Custom CRM Integrations, Lead Management & Nurturing Processes, Shibas

Meet with me >

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